Tenda - D152 N150 ADSL2 Router

Rs.1,525 Rs.2,500

Tenda - D302 N300 ADSL2 Router

Rs.1,797 Rs.3,500

Tenda - N301 Wireless N300 Easy Setup Router

Rs.1,536 Rs.2,000

Tenda - W322U 300Mbps Wireless USB Adapter

Rs.775 Rs.1,250

Tenda- 3G300M 300Mbps Wireless Pocket 3G Router

Rs.1,818 Rs.2,050

Tenda-3G150B Wireless N150 Mbps 3G Router

Rs.2,045 Rs.3,000

Tenda-3G150S Wireless N150 Mini 3G Router

Rs.1,536 Rs.2,200

Tenda-3G611R Wireless-N 3G HomeRouter

Rs.1,818 Rs.2,500

Tenda-A3 Wireless N150 AP

Rs.1,309 Rs.1,800

Tenda-D151 Wireless N150 ADSL2+ Modem Router

Rs.1,649 Rs.2,800

Tenda-D301 Wireless N300 Router

Rs.2,327 Rs.3,500

Tenda-D820R Wired ADSL2 Router with 1 Lan

Rs.831 Rs.1,400

Tenda-D830R Wired ADSL2 Router with 4 Lan

Rs.1,170 Rs.1,500

Tenda-D840R Wired ADLS2 Router W 4lan & USB

Rs.1,227 Rs.1,750

Tenda-N3 Wireless N150 Easy Setup Adapter

Rs.668 Rs.1,250

Tenda-POE1300S Adapter 1300S

Rs.913 Rs.1,000

Tenda-S105 Mini Fast Ethernet Switch 5-Port

Rs.394 Rs.700

Tenda-S108 Mini Fast 8port Ethernet Switch

Rs.528 Rs.900

Tenda-TER860S Single-Mode Fiber Converter

Rs.1,536 Rs.1,800

Tenda-UH150 Wireless N150 USB Adapter

Rs.857 Rs.1,800

Tenda-W3002R Wireless N300 High Power Router

Rs.2,666 Rs.3,000

Tenda-W300D Wireless 300mbps N150 Router

Rs.1,875 Rs.3,000

Tenda-W309R Wireless N300 Router

Rs.2,666 Rs.3,000

Tenda-W311M Wireless USB Adapter

Rs.462 Rs.900

Tenda-W311MI Wireless Nano USB Adapter

Rs.518 Rs.800

Tenda-W311P Wireless 150mbps PCI Card

Rs.850 Rs.1,000

Tenda-W316R Wireless N150 Easy Setup Router

Rs.832 Rs.1,500

Tenda-W322P Wireless 300mbps PCI Card

Rs.914 Rs.1,500
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