Gigabyte G1 Sniper 5 Motherboard


Gigabyte G1 Sniper B5 Motherboard


Gigabyte G1 Sniper M3 Motherboard


Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2 Motherboard


Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3 Motherboard


Gigabyte GA-AM1M-S2H Motherboard

Rs.2,620 Rs.4,999

Gigabyte GA-AM1M-S2P Motherboard

Rs.2,690 Rs.4,800

Gigabyte GA-B150M-D3H 6th Gen DDR4 Motherboard

Rs.8,280 Rs.9,900

Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H Motherboard

Rs.5,975 Rs.9,999

Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3V Motherboard


Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H Motherboard

Rs.6,220 Rs.12,499

Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H-A Motherboard

Rs.6,620 Rs.7,999

Gigabyte GA-B85M-DS3H-A Motherboard

Rs.5,980 Rs.7,900

Gigabyte GA-B85M-Gaming 3 LGA 1150 DDR3 Motherboard

Rs.5,980 Rs.7,800

Gigabyte GA-C807N Motherboard


Gigabyte GA-F2A58M-DS2 Motherboard

Rs.4,345 Rs.4,999

Gigabyte GA-F2A58M-S1 Motherboard

Rs.3,945 Rs.7,999

Gigabyte GA-H110M-DS2 DDR4 Motherboard

Rs.5,880 Rs.7,900

Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2 DDR4 Motherboard

Rs.5,680 Rs.7,500

Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2PH DDR4 Motherboard

Rs.6,180 Rs.8,200

Gigabyte GA-H170-D3H 6th Gen LGA 1151 DDR4 Motherboard

Rs.11,480 Rs.14,900

Gigabyte GA-H170-Gaming 3 6th Gen LGA 1151 DDR4 Motherboard

Rs.12,280 Rs.14,900

Gigabyte GA-H170M-D3H 6th Gen LGA 1151 DDR4 Motherboard

Rs.9,980 Rs.12,900

Gigabyte GA-H170N-WIFI 6th Gen LGA 1151 DDR4 Motherboard

Rs.11,680 Rs.14,900

Gigabyte GA-H61M-HD2 Motherboard


Gigabyte GA-H61M-S Motherboard

Rs.3,395 Rs.4,999

Gigabyte GA-H61M-S1 Motherboard

Rs.3,650 Rs.4,299

Gigabyte GA-H61M-WW Motherboard

Rs.4,175 Rs.7,999

Gigabyte GA-H77-D3H-MVP Motherboard


Gigabyte GA-H77-DS3H Motherboard


Gigabyte GA-H77N-WIFI Motherboard


Gigabyte GA-H81M-DS2 Motherboard

Rs.4,140 Rs.6,900

Gigabyte GA-H81M-Gaming 3 LGA 1150 DDR3 Motherboard

Rs.4,450 Rs.4,900

Gigabyte GA-H81M-H Motherboard

Rs.4,320 Rs.5,900

Gigabyte GA-H97-D3H Motherboard

Rs.9,780 Rs.12,999

Gigabyte GA-H97M-D3H Motherboard

Rs.7,849 Rs.12,999

Gigabyte GA-H97N-WIFI Motherboard

Rs.10,300 Rs.25,999

Gigabyte GA-N3050M-D3P Dual Core DDR3 CPU on Motherboard

Rs.4,350 Rs.5,900

Gigabyte GA-X99-SLI 5th Gen LGA 2011 DDR4 Motherboard

Rs.23,480 Rs.25,900

Gigabyte GA-X99-UD4 Motherboard

Rs.24,250 Rs.29,999

Gigabyte GA-Z170-D3H 6th Gen LGA 1151 DDR4 Motherboard

Rs.12,480 Rs.13,900

Gigabyte GA-Z170M-D3H 6th Gen LGA 1151 DDR4 Motherboard

Rs.11,480 Rs.12,900

Gigabyte GA-Z170N-WIFI 6th Gen LGA 1151 DDR4 Motherboard

Rs.13,680 Rs.15,900

Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 3 6th Gen LGA 1151 DDR4 Motherboard

Rs.17,280 Rs.19,900

Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 TH 6th Gen Thunderbolt LGA 1151 DDR4 Motherboard

Rs.22,480 Rs.26,999

Gigabyte GA-Z87-D3HP Motherboard

Rs.11,320 Rs.22,500

Gigabyte GA-Z97-D3H Motherboard

Rs.10,699 Rs.19,999

Gigabyte GA-Z97M-D3H Motherboard

Rs.11,995 Rs.17,999

Gigabyte GA-Z97N-WIFI Motherboard

Rs.11,295 Rs.25,999

Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Soc Force Motherboard

Rs.19,995 Rs.24,999
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