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Logitech C270 HD Webcam for HD Video Calling

₹1,790 ₹2,595

.descr{ text-align:center; } PURE AND SIMPLE HD VIDEO CALLS Experience sharp, smooth video calling (720p/30fps) in a widescreen format with the C270 HD Webcam. Automatic light correction shows you in vibrant, natural colors. WIDESCREEN HD 720P VIDEO CALLS Make high-definition video calls on your favorite platforms like Skype™. At 30 frames per second, video quality is smooth, while images are crisp, colorful and contrasted YOUR VOICE IS HEARD The built-in noise-reducing mic..


Coconut WUD04 4G Dongle for All Sims - 4G Data Card with WiFi Hotspot

₹1,800 ₹2,999

Coconut 4G wifi dongle gives you a fast blazing network, which is easy to use and can be carried everywhere. Whether, you're on a holiday, in a cafe, on a train, or in a park, you can carry a Coconut 4G wifi dongle with you and get your work done. Wireless 4G dongle can be plugged easily into your computer's USB port which can connect up to 9 devices at a time. A portable wifi dongle is useful for places where fixed-line broadband is slow and unreliable. This 4G sim dongle works with any sim car..


Portronics Paddie Mobile & Tablet Holder - Adjustable Height, Suitable Viewing Angles, Sleek, Anti-Scratch and Study (POR-1034)

₹590 ₹799

PADDIE Supports all 4.0 -12.9 inch devices like Smartphones, Tablets, and Kindle/E-readers, such as iPad Air, iPad mini 2,3,4, iPad 2019, iPad Pro, Phone X, 8 Plus, XS Max 6S, iPod Touch, Amazon Kindle. Holds your device in vertical and horizontal position, and height can be adjusted from 5.0-6.4 inches and angles from 54°-70°. Perfect for hands-free watching videos, FaceTime, & reading.Sleek, Anti-Scratch & Sturdy the front of tablet holder covered with silicon padding protects your dev..


Portronics MPORT 9C Multiport Adapter for USB-C Devices (POR-1197)

₹3,450 ₹6,999

9 Ports in One With 9 different output ports, the Mport 9C is designed to become your perfect travel partner-just place it in your pocket or in your bag even while you’re on the go, and connect as many devices as you want.Lightning fast With this one device, connect multiple devices to your laptop, tablet, or phone. No need for tangled wires and hassles, just grab your MPort 9C and you’re all set. Equipped with Power Drive fast-charging, so you use your devices even while you charge them!Durable..


Portronics VAYU Portable Air Pump/ Air Compressor for Car & Bike with Digital LED Display (POR-1480)

₹2,890 ₹3,299

.image-container{ text-align: center } p{ color: #363f4d; font-family: "Helvetica"; font-weight: 500; text-align: left; } ul{ list-style-type: disc; } li{ margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom: 5px; } Portronics introduces to you a best of its league gadget essential that is hard to get by your notice! Bringing to you VAYU Portable Tyre Inflator that with its unique feature is going to be an extremely worthy buy! The er..


Portronics Pandora HDMI Streaming Dongle - Share your Mobile Screen to TV (POR-403)

₹1,999 ₹2,999

Mirror your screen Pandora makes your phone your personal remote. Use it to project your small screen on your Big TV or Projector and use it to search, browse, play & control what you view. Easy to Connect Pandora is a comfortable "Plug-n-Play" device. Connect the Pandora Streaming dongle to the TV directly. Connect the Micro USB cable to the back of the Pandora and connect the other USB end to the TV USB or AC adapter or Power Bank. The device is now ready to use. What can you v..

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Portronics Indo 10X 10000mAh Power Bank with Dual Input - Black (POR-1008)

₹699 ₹1,999

Power Bank lets you charge two devices at the same time through a dual USB port. The maximum current output is 2.1A. This Battery Charger has dual input options – Micro USB and Type C ports. One Input with 2A Type-C and other with fast charging 2A Micro USB port.Its Li-Polymer battery has high efficiency and charging conversion rates and is much more reliable and safer than non-branded Lithium-Ion Batteries. Get protection from short circuits, current and voltage overloads and protection against..

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