Intel 8th Gen Core i7+ 8700 Desktop Hexa Core Processor (3.20 GHz/ FCLGA1151 Socket/ 12MB Cache) with 16GB Intel Optane Memory


Intel Core i7 8086k 8th Generation Processor (Hexa Core/4 GHz/ LGA1151 Socket/ 12MB Cache)

Rs.44,500 Rs.49,990

Intel Core i7-7700 7th Generation Processor (3.6 GHz/ LGA1151 Socket/ 8MB Cache/Quad Core)

Rs.28,200 Rs.40,000

Intel Core i7-8700 8th Generation Processor (Hexa Core/3.2 GHz (4.6 GHz Turbo)/ LGA1151 Socket/ 12MB Cache)

Rs.26,990 Rs.40,500

Intel Core i7-8700k 8th Generation Processor (3.70 GHz/ LGA1151 Socket/ 12MB Cache/ Coffe Lake/ Hexa Core)

Rs.30,000 Rs.41,999
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