Portronics Yogg Smart Wrist Band L028

Portronics Yogg Smart Wrist Band L028

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Portronics new generation Smart Wristband – YOGG, your very own personal fitness and activity tracker that offers a wide range of features to keep you on track with your fitness regime with ease. Portronics YOGG smart wristband is a 24*7 wearable device that comes in stylish black colour with a wide OLED display screen of 0.9inches that will show off your daily stats, a watch as well as caller ID for your Smartphone. It is paired with an easy mobile app which is good even for beginners.


Portronics presents a new generation, Unisex, Smart Ftiness Tracker Wristband – YOGG which is a personal fitness and activity tracker. 

With YOGG You can SET - MEASURE - TRACK & ANALYSE your Health Goals like Getting into Shape, Improving VO2Max, Increasing Stamina, Joint Care, Fighting Diabetes, Losing Weight, tracking your Quality of Sleep, or just simply follow the "10,000 steps daily" rule to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE! 

Portronics YOGG smart wristband is a 24*7 wearable device that comes in stylish black colour,

A wide OLED screen shows Number of Steps taken, Calories burnt, Distance walked and Time & Date. Yogg also gives micro-Vibrating Alerts for  Reminders, , on Goals achieved, Incoming calls with Caller ID or Name, SMS, Whatsapp and Social Media Alerts as they come on your paired smartphone.


Yogg connects using Bluetooth 4.0 with iPhone 4S and above & Android (4.3 to 6) Phones and Tabs. All you need to do is to freely download Yogg Mobile App from Playstore and Appstore and pair Yogg with your smartphone.

Every-night just sync your data with your phone by a simple click on your "sync" button on your Yogg app in your smartphone. You can also sync anytime during the day.  Autosync option is also available in the app. All the daily statistics are synced in your phone and your Yogg is ready for next day activity tracking!


It's water-resistant so you can keep it on during your daily runs without worrying about sweat or light drizzle. However, you should not dip it in water.
In-built Lithium Ion battery backup that lasts up to nearly 3-5 days. You can charge Yogg easily with the clip-type USB charger.

Light weight & Comfortable material for long hours of wearing.
Yogg helps your track the Quality of your Sleep by showing you depth of your sleep.

Everynight, after you've synced your Yogg with your smartphone in one easy step, you then just need to long-press the button on Yogg to put it in sleep track mode. The Display will show you this mode. Yogg now knows you are sleeping and want to track it. In the morning once you are up, it will automatically know and will switch off sleep mode. You sleep data can be seen on your Yogg App. 
Become a better YOU,
that you always wanted to!

Go Ahead and let Yogg help you get an Active, Successful and Happy Life!


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