Portronics Yogg Plus Smart Fitness Wristband (Black) POR-924

Portronics Yogg Plus Smart Fitness Wristband (Black) POR-924

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Product Code: Yogg Plus (POR-924)

Yogg Plus is a wonderful partner of your Smartphone. It shows you Notifications about new Social Media messages, SMS, emails, missed calls, reminders, fitness goals achieved and has Bluetooth disconnected feature.

Yogg Plus pairs with your Smartphone on Bluetooth 4.0 which consumes less power and once paired initially it connects automatically.

You can easily charge Yogg Plus using any 5V/500mA USB wall adaptor by simply inserting the detachable Yogg Plus dial in the USB adaptor.

Every night just before sleeping put Yogg Plus in Sleep Mode. It will monitor your sleeping pattern and display it the next day.

Yogg Plus is also your all-weather friend in Indian conditions since it is dust & water resistant with IP67 standards.

So in this season, give this ideal gift of fitness to yourselves, your family and loved ones. It’s a small investment and every rupee spent is worth much beyond its value. We know the principle that ‘What Gets Measured, Gets Done’. So measure your progress on the path to fitness with Yogg Plus you can take the guess-work out of your daily activities. Accurately measure how much distance you actually walked or jogged how many calories you truly burnt in a day and how well you slept in the night.

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